Online Training

6 people take part in a zoom workshop session, each from their own different spaces: they include a white woman with dark curly hair, a white woman with long blonde hair, a white man with long brown hair and glasses, a white man with spiky red hair and glasses, a mixed race woman with dark hair and a white woman with long hair and glasses.

ND-led* sector and artist development training, mentoring and consultancy

* “ND” = Neurodivergent

We offer:

  • Bespoke creative development mentoring for ND artists
  • Neuro-divergent recruitment M.O.T.s for employers
  • Group training workshops on interpersonal communication skills, ND inclusion (artists, audiences and participants), facilitating arts participation and organisational/artist development surgeries

We use three tiers of pricing to make sure our training is widely accessible across the sector:

  • NPOs / large organisations
  • Project-funded / smaller / independent organisations
  • Individuals


(chooose Colour PDF, Large-print PDF without images, or Word document – if you require another format, just get in touch using the details below)


We’re really happy to work with you or your organisation to craft the best approach for your unique needs. Get in touch to start a conversation!


Call, text or WhatsApp voice/text: 07376020819