Looking for fun things for children to do?

Why not watch our interactive musical play, FLEX?

Or try our new website, made for children in Birmingham:

Cloud Cuckoo Land make theatre for and with children growing up across Birmingham’s diverse communities. The stories we tell respond to their lives, celebrate their creativity, and explore some of the challenges they face. Our shows are fun, welcoming and packed with music, sensory experiences and chances to join in.

A small white boy grips a maraca with glee

We also create playfully interactive, immersive installations, where one, two or a few people can make their own story.

Exhilirating, inspiring and altogether uplifting. An intoxicating theatrical cocktail.

National Student Magazine

Plays with new ideas, technologies and music to create a genuinely new theatre experience… What Cloud Cuckoo Land are doing is as brave as anything Ex Machina or Robert Wilson are doing.

Simon Duff (Contemporary Magazine)
3 photos from a theatre production showing actors in front of a giant fennel-shaped projection screen: each shows hand-drawn settings representing different countries (these were created by schoolchildren in workshops)