Elmer’s Swamp

Slip off your shoes, step inside and make yourself at home in this relaxed and beautiful installation.

“We spent 45 minutes in Elmer’s Swamp. It was a lovely interactive, sensory environment that enabled my children’s imaginations to flourish.”

A playable sensory landscape for 0-6 year olds

Commissioned by mac Birmingham to run throughout April 2017, coinciding with the Easter theatre production, Elmer (adapted from the well-loved children’s book about a patchwork elephant, Elmer by David McKee).

“Brilliant. A great multisensory experience for both my three year old and six month old. Small enough and relaxed enough that it wasn’t overwhelming for either of them.”

Changing colours

“My son really enjoyed this beautiful sensory experience. Very colourful and lots of lovely textures.”

Elmer’s Swamp is an interactive sensory environment created by Katerina Pushkin and Jessica Clixby for Cloud Cuckoo Land, with many thanks to Lucy Baines, Scott Johnston and all the staff at mac Birmingham.

“Very calming, my son loved it – he didn’t want to leave. Very good indeed.”

“A very nice calm place for children to play and learn.”

“Friendly, colourful, warm, nice and cosy.”

“Lovely – my one year old and  two-and-a-half year old loved it.”

“A real change of pace. Nice to slow down. Brilliant.”