What Big Eyes


Oh and I could ramble on ….. but overall it was brilliant. Love the simplicity of staging and touring potential. Love the story idea. Loved it all. Was bowled over 

– Audience member, What Big Eyes

What Big Eyes unearths the mysterious secrets of Red Riding Hood’s family tree as three generations battle their demons: from the mischievous Green Fairy to ghoulish Doctor Indigo and Not Forgetting, a surprisingly dapper wolf. Mixing funny, magic realist storytelling with live music, projections and playful design, it investigates how our lives are shaped by the comedies and tragedies of our parents, and theirs. The play opens with Grandma’s story, moves on to Red Riding Hood’s Mum Bluebell’s story, and eventually catches up with Red herself in the last half hour.

It’s Robert Lepage meets The Wombles 

– audience member

It was really brilliant. You should be so proud.

– Mike Tweddle, Artistic Director, Tobacco Factory Theatres

Well done cast, a very enjoyable show to watch!

– Paul O’ Donnell, Associate Artist, Birmingham REP

 Generously supported by The Drum, our Kickstarter supporters and Birmingham REP’s Foundry scheme


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