3 people in silhouette hold different sized hoops in front of a spacey galaxy projection

Our ND-led workshops, mentoring and consultancy are unique, inspiring, inclusive and fun 

Join us in Cloud Cuckoo Land to dream big — and make sure everyone is welcome in those dreams. 

ONLINE TRAINING: ND-led sector and artist development training, mentoring and consultancy

NATURE-BASED CREATIVITY: Creative workshops and training for professional and community settings

CUCKOO COLLECTIVE: Our annual creative development programme for emerging artists in music theatre for young audiences

JAMBOREE: Our innovative, inclusive improvisatory music theatre clubs for young people

A young white woman with brown hair in a bob kneels in a sensory den, playing with the reflections of light on some bubbly silver material to the delight of one baby and cautious curiosity of another. In the background there is grass and a glockenspiel.