Two line drawn young people (one in a dungaree dress, one wearing a hoodie with a star on) stand at the side of a big road full of blurry lights in a big city. He points excitedly as if to say "let's go!"

Our Company

We’re a neuro-divergent led organisation with our head in the clouds and our feet firmly planted in Brummie soil. We make, support and promote creatively inventive participatory music theatre and multi-artform activities. Our work has a dedicated focus towards young people in systemically marginalised communities, and is normally developed in collaboration with grassroots local partners.

Our Mission

We create transformative imaginative spaces where everyone is welcome, listened to and cared for.

We support children in systemically marginalised communities by asking them to play an active creative role in participatory theatre/arts events which reflect their lives in playful, surprising ways.

Our Vision

Our vision is a world where every young person can access outstanding multi-artform theatrical encounters which celebrate their creativity, in the heart of their local community.

Our Values

We use our values to guide our work and to evaluate the success of our projects.

Cloud Cuckoo Land’s core values are:

> Creating fun, playful, improvisatory experiences where everybody feels welcome

> Sharing relatable stories that reflect and celebrate the lives of young people in systemically marginalised local communities

> Offering audiences space for reflection, discovery and transformation, where they can explore alternative ways of being, and being themselves

> Respecting, supporting, listening to and centering young people’s creative voices

> Developing, advocating for and centering systemically marginalised voices in young people’s theatre experiences, organisations and industries

> Using inventive multi-artform techniques to offer people with varied perspectives and needs a range of different ways to engage with the experience

Three handheld circular projection screens showing large felt symbols: a weather-symbol rain cloud, a party-popper emoji and a frog emoji