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Jamboree flyer in red, yellow, orange and blue, shows hand-drawn images of young people playing trumpet and drum, laughing, singing, jumping and dancing. It says "Free drama and music club in Northfield, 9 to 12 years: Have fun, express yourself and make new friends at this relaxed, informal drama and music club".

Jamboree! was a FREE weekly drama and music club for older children living in areas where children have limited access to arts activities. It draws on Cloud Cuckoo Land’s fun, spontaneous, welcoming approach to weaving theatre and music together.

Have fun, express yourself and make new friends at this relaxed, informal drama + music club. Play games, make each other laugh and bring your own ideas to add into the mix. 

  • play games
  • experiment with funny voices and characters
  • make music + rhythms with your voice, body or instruments
  • make up sketches, stories and sounds
  • express yourself with movement
  • learn new tricks for being funny
  • tell stories that matter to you
A photo from one of our Jamoree workshops: shows 4 small children in school uniform playing a game holding drumsticks on their heads like horns: an Asian boy with black hair, two white girls with blonde and brown hair, and an Asian girl who looks like she's having the most fun ever in her whole life.

This 2019 pilot was in partnership with Northfield Arts Forum. It was supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England, and by The Sir Barry Jackson Trust’s Hornton Fund.

One of our amazing Jamboree groups performing ‘If You Want To Sing Out’ by Cat Stevens: