We make participatory music theatre for and with children growing up across Birmingham’s diverse communities. The children we meet often have very limited access to theatre: lots of them have never seen a play before.

Our productions:

  • respond to their lives, celebrate their creativity, and explore some of the challenges they face
  • communicate on lots of different levels at once, so they can engage children with a wide variety of interests and learning needs
  • are fun, welcoming and packed with music, sensory experiences and chances to join in


A young white woman and a young South Asian woman wear shiny green, blue and gold insect outfits with pearlescent sequins, bug-eye goggles and antennae, against a background of a textured gold disc surrounded by digital sky.

Ding Dong

ding dong spring authority small

Ariel On The Cliff

ARIEL ON THE CLIFF extra image

What Big Eyes

garden path - bluebell and periwinkle lighter

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