Constellations (i) was created during a residency at Interface Symposium. It was a large-scale installation exploring how people can alter the images they’re viewing through physical action rather than digital interaction.

One space featured hundreds of reflective objects hanging in front of a projected moon: visitors could make their own object, reposition the existing ones or spin them like crazy, to change not just the projection but the ever-changing, colourful constellations on the walls, floor and ceiling of the room.

Another space used a big swing to create visual feedback which responded to the movements of the visitors, while in a third visitors cast multiple shadows upon linked surround-projection, and became moving screens themselves.


Constellations (ii) was a version which Symphony Hall commissioned as part of their Universe of Sound Family Day. We developed the primary space from Constellations (i) as a standalone event with tied-in music and craft participation activities. Visitors could create vocal soundscapes inspired by Holst’s The Planets and their own unique planet to hang in the installation.

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 15.22.58

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