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Performers playing with movement on a scaffolding railing. One young white man with short hair perches atop it, one athletic long-haired white woman looks set to do something exciting, one white woman with dark hair swings on the rail from her knees, and one asian man hangs ipside down off the railing!


We’re looking for a musician, artist or performer living in Birmingham who has experienced forced migration, to train as a creative workshop leader for children on our Hoopla project this summer!

Freelance training role with artist development coaching. Paid £15/hr.

Apply by 5pm Friday 16th June.

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If you’re an artist in the Birmingham area who’s interested in working with us, please feel free to send over a link or a CV to keep on file. We’re always happy to hear from people, and we’re especially keen to meet performers who have wide-ranging skills (eg. gymnastics, beatboxing, spoken word, tuba, drumming, bhangra dancing, and so on!) or speak multiple languages, as well as those who are neuro-divergent.

If you’re interested in supporting us to pay local artists to create music theatre for young audiences or develop their creative / leadership skills, please drop us a line on