Music Theatre

dd spring 2016 cast smaller 

Music Theatre Is For Everybody

Are you a musician? Are you not a musician? Does it matter? No!

Because music theatre is for everybody.

Here in Cloud Cuckoo Land, we’ve developed an array of techniques for weaving music into the very heart of our storytelling. Some of them are clever, some of them are very silly indeed: all of them prioritise character and creativity before prowess, making space for highly skilled musicians to bring their fancy shebang to the party, without making their less experienced friends sit down and watch in awe. Now we’d love to welcome you to the party, with chances to explore:

• Musical Clowning: using music performance as a stimulus for creating character

• Musical Improvisation: collaborative music-making as a way to develop ensemble responsiveness, spontaneity and creativity

• Musical Scoring: adding atmosphere, tone, rhythm and dynamics to your story

• Musical Text: embedding music into the actual lines of your play

• Musical Participation: ways to welcome your audience into the music making without losing sight of the story

From beatboxing to banjo, we’d love to find out more about the music you love: so bring along any instruments you want to, and we’ll bring lots of exciting things for you to have a play with, too.


  • Primary Key Stage Two
  • Secondary, higher and further education settings
  • Peer-to-peer professional development